Legacy4Life Lemon & Lime Life Organizer

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This 600 page planner has been designed specifically for you to organize your life.

Pick and Choose your Planner Templates to make the perfect Printable Planner Binder for you!

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This 600 page planner has been designed specifically for you to plan your life out. Pick and Choose your Planner Templates to make the perfect Planner for you! This planner contains the following pages: (Watch the video below to see the contents)

  • Dated Calendars Templates
  • Calendars and Diaries Templates
  • Goals and Planning Templates
  • Finance Templates
  • Blank & Lined Journal Pages
  • At Home Templates
  • Personal Wellness Templates
  • List Templates
  • Medical Templates
  • Gratitude Templates
  • Christian Templates
  • Community Templates
  • Parents Home school Templates
  • Kids Activity Layouts
  • Coloring Images

*** Personal Use Only ***


  • Legacy4Life Lemon Life Organizer (8.5 x 11) PDF

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10 reviews for Legacy4Life Lemon & Lime Life Organizer

  1. Christine Rieck (verified owner)

    This planner is incredible! It has everything you can possibly need or imagine. The colors and design is also absolutely beautiful and uplifting! Love it!

  2. Shannon Furrow (verified owner)

    Such a pretty planner. So cheerful. I like the links at the beginning so I can easily find the template I want. Di has been very thorough and included a page for everything I could possibly imagine and more. Thanks!

  3. Joanne Bolivar (verified owner)

    There were sections in the Lemon & Lime Organizer I had never given a thought to until now! It is absolutely brilliant in the colors and that makes me smile.

  4. lechner.alina@gmail.com (verified owner)

    This planner is amazing, it has everything in it. I researched many organizer’s but this one is by far the best! I used in the past an Erin Condren Life planner which costs much more and has only a fraction of what this Life organizer offers.

  5. Lisbeth Kristiansen (verified owner)

    Really good planner. The colors are clear and”pops”of the page. The amount of templates is amazing. To rephrase Apple (there’s an app for everything) there’s s a template for everything, they are easy. To use, and pretty as well.

  6. Marya Mesa (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful planner with cheerful colors that will help you to finally get your life in order. Beautiful and clearly designed to help you meet all of your organizational goals!

  7. Sabrina Bearden (verified owner)

    Lemon & Lime is so PRETTY! And of course very helpful and easy to use. Love this so much 🙂

  8. Janet Bullard (verified owner)

    The yellow and green colors used in creating the Lemon & Lime Life Organizer is bright and cheerful. Template Organization is straightforward and easy to follow. Built-in links allow you to quickly jump to any template. Each Template design is clean and precise. In my opinion, this is truly a Life Organizer.

  9. Roland Austin (verified owner)

    The Lemon & Lime Organizer really is the only one you will ever need for your life! It’s the “swiss army knife” of planners, perfectly organized and done in colors that make you look forward to planning each and every day. Three “thumbs up”!

  10. Marian Blake (verified owner)

    Great Planner. Di always delivers.

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