For as long as I can remember, I have had a love affair with journals and planners. If I walked past a book store, I was dragged in by unseen forces, and then tortured into buying new journals and notebooks. It made no difference that I had a pile of unused journals at home. They were pretty. And I wanted them!

One of the reasons I started digital scrapbook design (many moons ago) was my passion for family history, and leaving a legacy for my kids. I eventually stopped designing because it was a lot of work for very little money, but I missed it.

For some years now I have been wanting to start a range of personal planners and journals under the name of Legacy4Life, but life has an interesting way of delaying some dreams until the right people and resources are in place.

I started my first Etsy store in April this year, because I could combine two of my passions; designing and e-commerce. It branched out into four shops, each focusing on a different area; t-shirts, photographic prints, commercial use designer resources and the original store which does art posters and wedding invites etc.

It was only in July that my dreams got kicked up a notch. A friend of mine (I owe you forever Shan) suggested that I create journal pages for other authors to create their own books. I approached Bill Platt with the idea and he loved it. The “Book a Day System” was born and we have not looked back since then.

One day during August I was getting the next month’s designs ready for the Book a Day system when a thought flashed through my head. Why are you not following your dream?


Then it hit me. Everything I needed to get the dream of a range of Legacy4Life planners and journals was in place.

  • I could design
  • I had the market place
  • I had the website skills
  • I had the marketing experience

So what was stopping me? Only one thing.

Trying to find a printer in South Africa that would allow me to customise the interior and cover, and then drop ship the books for me was impossible to find. I could have used CreateSpace, but they don’t do spiral or coil binding. The other challenge is that I would lose a lot of revenue on the planners and journals because I was selling through Amazon.

Then another friend gave me a solution after I had complained about this problem. So now I had a printer that would allow me to upload the custom book interior and cover, print it on demand, and then ship to my clients. Oh the joys of doing international business.

Today is the day I start creating the Legacy4Life Planner empire. My goal? To help people create a life of grand adventure and joy through my journals and planners. To be as well known as Erin Condren would be a nice bonus.

The store will be populated tomorrow with the different journals and planners. You can select the binding of your choice and some you can even customise. 

You can also find some of my journals on Amazon.

So to celebrate I am running a giveaway for a free printed journal of your choice. I will even customise it for you. All you need to do is enter here and I will select a winner at the end of the month.

Win a free printed journal of your choice.

Please join our Facebook Group here.

Di Heuser

P.S. By the way, I am not allowed to tell you what printer I am using. Humblest apologies but I did promise.