What if you could create and publish 60 books a week for a lucrative niche market?

Does a potential target market of 50,7 million customers sound like something that could radically alter your financial future?

If you have ever tried to create a diary calendar type planner before, you will know that they take hours and hours of work. So you start on the first month by creating all the blocks. Then you have to make sure you have the correct dates in the relevant blocks.

Then the kids interrupt you because they want dinner and you have to log off your computer and feed them. 

The next day you start again and try and finish the first month. If you are lucky you get to month two and then something else crops up that you have to attend to.

A few weeks down the line you are finally done only to find that you made a big mistake in month 1 and now you have to go back and edit all the tables again because the dates are on the wrong day of the month. 

So you throw in the towel. All that wasted time and effort.

It’s exhausting and you feel like a failure.

I had the same problem. There are just so many hours in the day and so much to get done.  House work that needs to be done daily. Spending time with my kids helping them with their homework. Cooking dinner and getting all the washing and ironing done. 

I solved the problem by paying for a very expensive personal assistant who creates the bare bones of the various planners for me. But not everyone has access to a PA like I do.

I work from home so I tend to have a little more time available than other people who have a day job. I have huge respect for people who go out and do a full day’s job and then come back in the evenings to work on their publishing and planner business, after they done the cooking, kid’s homework and cleaning up.

You have to work and you have to provide for your family. There is no getting around that. So how can you save time?

That’s why I created these FOUR Done-For-You Academic diaries and planners for you.

Di Heuser is a very talented and creative individual, who has her finger on the pulse of the kinds of journals, diaries and planners that customers love to buy. Even better, she has the technical skills to be able to produce a wide range of printed books to serve this market.

If you spend any time contemplating how to design and publish journals and diaries, you will soon realize that many of these books are nothing more than lines on a page — and competitive products are often really similar to other books in the marketplace.

With her “PLR Book Manuscripts”, Di has made it so super-easy for people to get to “published” in just ten minutes time.

Once you have in your hands the book manuscripts she makes available, you will only need to change the title page, the copyright page and the book cover, before submitting your book to Createspace for publication, so that you can sell your books on Amazon.

This kind of product is perfect for anyone looking to develop and publish the kinds of books people want to buy, with very little time investment and without any advanced training necessary.

If you are just getting started in the book publishing industry, this package will get you to “published” faster than most any other product you can purchase. And Amazon’s customers will appreciate your giving them more buying options for the books they love to purchase.

Bill Platt

Each one has a different format for the weeks and days for 2018/2019.  They come with Private Label Rights (PLR) which means you can customize them any way you like, and then sell them as your own.

How to use the documents.

  • Add additional pages like: 
    • Password lists
    • Contact pages
    • Class Schedules
    • Sport Schedules
    • Teachers contact sheet
    • School information
    • School terms and holidays
    • Map of area
  • Draw up a list of schools in your geographic region. 
  • Customize each document with information relevant to the the geographic area.
  • Add a title referencing the area e.g. Hammond School Diary and Planner 2018/2019
  • Do that for each region on your list
  • Find a picture of the area and use that as your cover
  • Upload the book to Createspace with one of the keywords being ‘Hammond” and the state.

Each book will take you about 10 minutes to put together.

You don’t have to limit it to one book per geographic region. You could produce 60 books a week per school region.

There will be 50,7 million children in schools when the new school year starts.

If you keep doing 60 books a week starting now, by the time the new school year starts you could have 1,440 books published and ready for the kids and their parents when they start their back-to-school shopping.


Buy all four PLR documents for a $20 discount



You [can] sell the finished books as your own, ONLINE or OFFLINE.

You [cannot] sell the DOC files for these book manuscripts to other book authors.
You [cannot] sell the Private Label Rights (PLR) for these book manuscripts to other book authors.


If you sell the finished books ONLINE, you will need to change the images on the book cover to distinguish your version of the book from another person’s version of the book.

If you sell the finished books OFFLINE, you will not be required to change the image on the book cover.

You can pick and choose the ones you like for $29.95 each OR you can purchase all four for the discounted price of $99.00 for the set. You will find the purchase links below. 

What does each pack contain?

  • 8 x 10 MS Word Document
  • 8.5 x 11 MS Word Document
  • Weekly and daily schedules starting Aug 2018 ending July 2019
  • High resolution image for cover

How can I make money using these PLR manuscripts?

  • Create perfect-bound books on Createspace and sell through Amazon
  • Create spiral-bound books and sell on your own website or Etsy
  • Approach schools to order custom copies for fund raising purposes
  • Sell to parents who want a custom planner for their children


If you want to purchase more than one Book Manuscript, but you don’t want to purchase the entire set, just return to this page after each individual purchase is completed. I have set up the purchase buttons on this page to open into a new window to simplify the process for you.

You can view the interior of each planner by using the Flipbook Software below





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Refund Policy

As these are ready made manuscripts, no refunds will be processed. Please view the sample interiors above to verify what you are getting.


If you have any questions please email me at diana@dianaheuser.com.  I will get back to you within 24 hours excluding weekends.


Di Heuser